June 30, 2022

Timeless Design - What It Means For Our Customers

Timeless Design - What It Means For Our Customers

We spend tons of time in furniture stores and see a lot of “out there” out there. Want a dresser shaped like a milk carton? With hardware that looks like it came off a barn door? If you’re in the market for something wildly faddish you can find it. Just not at Gat Creek. 

“We have a bias toward the classics,” Gat Caperton said. “Our design emphasis has been on the beauty of the wood rather than some carving or adornments. The things we tend to love the most are traditional in overall form but made more contemporary by simplifying. It’s more about subtracting things than adding.”

In the language of interior designers, Gat Creek’s look is “timeless,” said Katy Anderson, whose boutique design firm serves clients in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. She specializes in creating elegant, functional spaces that are practical and highly fashionable. 

“I never have trouble explaining the benefits of Gat Creek to my clients,” Katy said. “Regardless whatever trends are in or out, their furniture is friendly to all types of decor. With its warm finishes it can complement transitional or Mid-Century Modern. It can also pull off a more contemporary flair with its clean look. What I like is there aren’t bells and whistles, no crazy embellishments. It is classically made and it is customizable.  Almost everything can be painted. There are so many offerings. I can pick something for a client that might be perfect for a man cave but in the right finish could also work in a dining room. Gat Creek is just so versatile.”

If you’re going to have timeless style, you better have the build quality to last a long time. Gat Creek also ticks that box for Katy.

“Timeless has a dual meaning for me,” she said. “Timeless also means really well made. Gat Creek has great craftsmen and everything is made here in the U.S. That’s a big deal, especially now. We have seen a real decrease in quality with imported furniture and an increase in freight damage with furniture coming in on ships.”

“Gat Creek gives me control,” Katy said. “I know that my clients are getting exactly what they want to express their home’s individual style, and that every piece of furniture is of the highest quality.” 

In other words, there’s no better time to explore Gat Creek.